KINDERHOOK – Ichabod Crane Central School District received large thank you banners from an anonymous donor to everyone who helped the community through the COVID-19 crisis.

The school district announced Monday that they had received four large banners thanking teachers, students, bus drivers, the administration department and all school staff.

“As the signs speak for themselves, the district wishes to say that they are SO grateful for all of their teachers and the work they have done this year, as well as for every other employee who made this unprecedented year possible.” , according to the district’s website for the district.

District chief Suzanne Guntlow said the anonymous donor may have been a parent who wanted to thank the school staff for everything they did during this difficult school year. The donor reached out to the assistant superintendent about the donation, and the district maintenance department put up the signs last weekend, Guntlow said.

“This is very much appreciated,” said Guntlow. “I think especially that it was a challenging year for everyone and I think this year means a lot to the staff.”

When teachers and staff arrived at school Monday morning, they were greeted by a wonderful surprise, Guntlow said.

The superintendent visited two district schools on Monday and will stop at elementary school on Tuesday to thank the teachers and staff.

“The banners were very, very well received,” said Guntlow. “Our staff were surprised when they got to school this morning and there are lots of smiling faces.”

Nationally, the first week of May is known as Teacher Appreciation Week. Guntlow said this was a great way for employees to start the week. She said they usually like to refer to it as “Employee Recognition Week”.

“We like to call it employee appreciation,” said Guntlow. Whether it’s the teachers in the classroom, the bus driver picking up students from school, the nurse taking care of a sore knee, our facilities department keeps everything clean. We would like to thank all of the staff for everything they do. “

Usually the parent-teacher association celebrates the week with lunch for the staff, but this year they can’t because of COVID, Guntlow said. She said the PTA is providing custom-wrapped items for staff this year and that they will be serving a takeaway lunch in the final week of school as a thank you for all they have done in a challenging year. Guntlow said it was going to be something like a barbecue lunch.

Guntlow said she has not seen any other instances where large banners or signs have been donated anonymously to the district.

“Sometimes we can use a bus to send out a message,” said Guntlow. “As we do for the vote, but this is the first time we have anyone, you know, who makes a gesture on that scale to thank the district.”

Guntlow said the district is grateful for the relationship it has with the community.

“We’re very, very grateful for the partnership we have and the supportive parents we have,” said Guntlow. “And it’s just very much appreciated. It is a team effort and we look forward to being partners with families and the community. “

The National PTA recognized a week in May as a special time to honor the people who have been helping raise children since 1984.

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