A busy car chase along Interstate 80 on Monday night included damage to the Crane Trust fences, causing three people to pull up a taxi at Alda Junction.

Chicago’s Nike Stevens was arrested by the Nebraska State Patrol early Tuesday morning. Stevens, 26, was the driver of a Jeep Patriot that included a woman and child. According to the State Patrol, the Patriot was traveling more than 100 mph at one point.

The Hall County Sheriff’s Office assisted the State Patrol on the case. The Jeep Patriot went through gates and fences at the Crane Trust and came to a stop near the Platte River, said Jim Castleberry, chief deputy of Hall County.

After the impact, the three occupants left the vehicle, went to the Alda I-80 interchange and called a taxi to take them west to Kearney.

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At around 5:30 p.m. Monday, a soldier performed a traffic check on the Patriot for driving too fast on I-80 near Kearney. Shortly after the traffic control, the State Patrol received a report of an SUV traveling more than 160 mph and vehicles passing on the hard shoulder. The police officer was able to locate the reported vehicle, which was the same vehicle from the previous traffic control.

The officer tried another traffic control, but the vehicle accelerated and fled. The soldier launched a pursuit. The jeep continued to drive recklessly and approached an area with heavy traffic, the State Patrol says. The policeman was aware of the driver’s identity and also knew that there was a small child in the vehicle, so the policeman stopped the chase out of concern for public safety.