Rebecca Havlicek, Marketing Promotion Manager

Link cranes

When an employee shows genuine commitment to a company, they can become a valuable asset. This is something Link-Belt Cranes is recognizing with the sponsorship of Rebecca Havlicek.

Havlicek’s Link Belt career began in 1999 in the spare parts organization. In 2009 she switched to the role of sales promotion and trade fair coordinator – value in their ability to demonstrate Planning and conducting successful trade shows and monitoring the growth of Link-Belt’s giveaway program.

Now Havlicek has been appointed as the new Marketing Promotion Manager overseeing all promotional strategies, advertising, trade shows, logo standards and more for Link-Belt Cranes.

“Rebecca’s experience and execution at our big shows is second to none, and her commitment to the company is a real asset,” said Bruce Kabalen, manager, marketing and technical communications. “Her calm demeanor and customer-centric attitude will serve her well in this action-packed role.”

Information from Link-Belt Cranes and published by Chantal Zimmermann.