The TCC-550 has a four section boom with full power from 36.5 to 115 feet.

Link cranes

The construction industry is growing all the time and is demanding more innovation from the equipment and technology that drives the industry – a call to action that many companies are responding to.

Link-Belt Cranes is one of the companies that continues to innovate and announce new product launches. The company recently announced the production of a brand new telescopic crawler crane, the TCC-550. The 55-ton crane is due to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The TCC-550 has a new boom, user-friendly updates and flexibility.

The TCC-550 Boom Features:

  • full force
  • Four section boom length: 36.5 to 115 feet
  • Two boom extension modes (EM1 & EM2)
  • Teflon-impregnated wear pads
  • Two-part, two-fold lattice fly ( height: 165.5 feet)

User-friendly updates:

  • Durable texture and non-slip paint on all treads
  • Vision package (winch camera, reversing camera and right-swing camera)
  • Standard lighting package (high-intensity 360-degree LED work lights)

Features for flexibility:

  • Three different track widths (15 feet 2.37 inches, 13 feet 6.11 inches, and 11 feet 5.24 inches)
  • Two driving speeds
  • Travel Height: 9 feet 10.55 inches
  • Travel Width: 11 feet 5.24 inches

Information from Link-Belt Cranes and published by Chantal Zimmermann.