4th September 2020

The Dutch crane specialist Huisman has lifted the first batch of offshore wind monopiles with its 2,600 m long Skyhook quay crane in its factory in China. The monopiles with a length of approx. 100 m have a weight of approx. 1,700 m without rigging.

“With the 2,600 m long Skyhook, Huisman designed and built the largest slewing jib quayside crane in the world,” said the company.

The Skyhook crane, which is used at Huisman near Xiamen, China, is designed for unloading heavy equipment such as the 10,000m bucket cranes for Heerema’s Sleipnir construction support ship and the 3,000m offshore mast crane for Boskalis .

“With this elevator, Huisman has shown that the Skyhook is also equipped for offshore wind marshaling harbors,” said Huisman.

Cees van Veluw, Product Manager Cranes at Huisman: β€œIn view of the high ambitions for offshore wind in different parts of the world, we see that more permanent, yet more flexible lifting solutions are the key to further efficiency gains in the logistics chain. The capacity of the Skyhook is in line with the foundation sizes we see in the near future, while the Dual Main Hoist offers great advantages for easier connection and handling of loads. “

“With the development of new marshaling ports around the world, we can make a contribution to further optimizing the logistics of offshore wind turbines and foundations with the Skyhook.” Van Veluw said.

Elsewhere in the offshore wind space, Huisman recently won an order to build the crane for the U.S.’s first Jones Act-compliant offshore wind installation vessel. Read more here.