January 15, 2021

Image credit: Huisman

The Dutch crane specialist Huisman has signed a letter of intent with Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore in China for the delivery of a 2,600 m long leg crane (LEC) for the offshore wind installation unit BT-220IU from OIM Wind.

Last year, OIM Wind signed an EPC contract with CIMC for the construction of 1 + 1 BT-220IU wind installation units. The first unit is expected to be delivered by the end of 2022.

Huisman said his letter of intent with CIMC includes the option to supply a LEC for a second installation unit as well.

“The crane setup of the BT-220IU unit has been optimized to be used for offshore wind installations. With its 140 m long boom and its lifting capacity of 2,600 m, the new OIM Wind leg crane enables the installation of the next and future generation of wind turbines and foundations safe and efficient, “said Huisman.

In the highest position, the crane’s main elevator can lift the maximum load of 2,600 m with a hook height of approx. 165 m above the main deck.

The BT-220IU wind installation unit was developed by the CIMC design office in Yantai, PR China, and its subsidiary Bass Tech AB, Sweden, based on technical information and market knowledge from OIM Wind Ltd. designed. The crane for the first unit will be built at Huisman’s manufacturing facility in Xiamen, PR China. Huisman will use its Skyhook crane to install the LEC along the quay, which is scheduled for late 2022.