Huisman, the global provider of phased engineering solutions, has signed a contract with Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. (DSME) announced the delivery of a 2600 t leg circumferential crane (LEC), the wind turbine installation ship (WTIV) newly built on Enetis.

The new leg crane has a 147 m long boom that extends 170 m above deck. With its lifting capacity of 2600 t, the crane can install up to 20 MW turbines, which are expected to come onto the market in the near future.

Huisman LECs are characterized by their light yet robust crane construction with high reliability, positioning accuracy and energy efficiency and are therefore ideally suited for the construction of offshore wind farms.

Huisman’s scope of work includes the design, engineering and construction of the LEC and socket adapter at its manufacturing facility in Zhangzhou, China.

Commissioning and testing of the LEC is planned for 2023 at the DSME shipyard. The contract also includes the optional delivery of a second crane intended for an identical WTIV.

Min Yun, Head of DSME Offshore Machinery Procurement: “We, DSME, are fully committed to supplying Eneti with the world-class WTIV and we are confident that Huisman will successfully play the key role in this project. We will work closely with Huisman to ensure that this valuable project is completed on time. “

Emanuele A Lauro, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Eneti: “We are pleased about the close cooperation with Huisman, which leads to this contract for the LEC. Eneti’s first WTIV crane is a milestone for the company, but we believe that all of our successes are based on strong and lasting partnerships like the one we are now building with Huisman Equipment BV from the Netherlands. “

David Roodenburg, CEO of Huisman: “We support Eneti’s vision to successfully enter the offshore wind market and are therefore very grateful for the trust that we have chosen Huisman as a partner for this project. We look forward to strengthening our unique working relationship with DSME as well. Together we have committed to deliver this state-of-the-art crane and enable Eneti to install the next generation of wind turbines safely and efficiently. “

Features and benefits of the Huisman LEC

  • A fully electrically powered system that leads to high positioning accuracy, efficient energy consumption, reduced maintenance and high reliability.
  • Specially developed slewing bearing system that enables extremely reliable and precise positioning of the crane.
  • A unique lambda boom design makes for a light and stiff design.
  • The rigid construction of the lambda-shaped boom leads to reduced movement at the crane tip.
  • Small stern swivel mechanism enables optimized use of the free deck space.

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