OGDEN, Utah, Nov. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – A Texas heavy haulage company has selected TAB Bank for a revolving credit facility of $ 3.5 million. The new facility is expanded by a multi-year contract and offers the opportunity to finance the company’s growth.

The company specializes in transporting large cranes and excavation equipment.

TAB Bank offers commercial companies in a wide variety of industries tailored working capital solutions. These solutions can be tailored to the needs of companies in all phases of the business life cycle and under all economic conditions. TAB Bank does this through a variety of asset-based structures, including asset-based revolving loans, accounts receivable financing, credit lines and equipment financing. TAB’s credit options can also be combined with a full suite of business banking solutions and treasury management services.

Gina Mackenzie is the Vice President and Business Development Officer of TAB Bank, which brought this new deal to TAB. Gina is based in New York and has many years of experience in developing customer relationships and structuring credit facilities in the asset-based lending sector. Gina can be reached at 973.580.0497 or at gina.mackenzie@tabbank.com.

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