For more than 62 years, the Hasse family has been rescuing people from all walks of life, regardless of whether they were stranded on the side of the road or ended up in the middle of a pile-up on the autobahn during a heavy snowstorm. In 30 of those years they have taken companies to new heights with their fantastic crane service. The familiar red, white and blue of Hasse’s towing and crane service fleet also reflects the inspiration of a patriotic family who in recent years started a new tradition – the placement of two massive American flags along I-94 in Benton Charter Township above the Independence day.

Steve Hasse sums up the reason for American pride every year along this main road, the busiest road in the entire region: “We believe in America, and our flag is the honorable symbol of our country. We hoist these flags because we are proud to be American. Thank a veteran and celebrate our freedoms like a patriot! “

Hasse’s annual exhibit has become an inspiration to everyone who sees it, consisting of two large American flags flanking the interstate – one on each side – near Celebration! A cinema on one side and the Ryder Truck Rental property on the other. The flags are displayed, suspended from two of Hasse’s tallest cranes, which tower over the motorway.

Hasse’s towing and crane service has been hoisting the flags in Michigan’s Great Southwest for several years over the July 4th holiday, receiving comments and thank you from far and wide, including truckers and travelers who know Steve from his active towing business.


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Hasse’s has been in business since 1959 and was founded by brothers Butch and Richard Hasse as the Standard Oil Station. They soon expanded their service to include towing, and in fact their first new tow truck was purchased as a cab and chassis, on which they built their own towing bridge directly in their own service station on Pipestone.

The company’s crane service element was added in 1982 and hundreds have seen Hasse cranes lifting heavy HVAC units onto shop roofs or moving steel girders and trusses into new buildings under construction.

Steve Hasse literally grew up in the business and continues the family name and purpose today along with his son Lee Hasse. The flag is understandable given not only its patriotism and pride, but also the fact that over the years it has become known as a towing company “with the trucks of red, white and blue”.

Steve and his family and crew have taken the time every year over the past few years to arrange the exhibition for everyone and he is grateful to the Celebration team! Cinema and Ryder Truck Rental for their participation, as well as the Beaudoin Electric crew who light the flags all night during the show.

If you ride I-94 during the July 4th Holidays, the Hasse family hopes you enjoy the giant flags and that they inspire you to hoist your own flag at home to honor America while we do the Celebrate Independence Day.