June 25, 2021

(File Photo: Handal Energy) The image has been cropped

The Malaysian offshore service provider Handal Energy has received a crane service contract with ExxonMobil in Malaysia.

Under the agreement, Handal Energy’s subsidiary will provide Handal Cranes, crane operation and maintenance services.

The contract has a term of five years with effect from 06/14/2021 to 06/14/2026.

“The secured contract has no particular value as it is on an on-demand basis, with the work order at the discretion of. is granted [ExxonMobil ] based on a schedule of activities throughout the contract period, “Handal Energy said Thursday.

According to information on the ExxonMobil website, the company in Malaysia operates under four production sharing agreements (PSCs) with the Malaysian national oil company Petronas and produces around a fifth of the country’s oil production and about half of the natural gas supplies to Peninsula Malaysia.