Video footage of a crane boom giving way in Costa Rica makes painful contemplations and shows, if at all, how not to do it, while almost certainly ending the long career of a venerable mobile crane.

The incident happened in the past month or two in Puerto Limón, Costa Rica when an older 127-ton Grove TM1400 on a seven-axle Faun chassis was helping dismantle a large mobile gantry crane.

A large section was hooked to the crane and cut free – in addition to the weight there was a dynamic load, and as the load spun on the hook the crane swayed on the edge and seemed to be recovering, but … well, take a look for yourself : www.facebook.com/100011329550096/videos/1559252441129059/

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident – out of luck rather than judgment.

There are several other videos about this job, none of which are particularly free: Video One
Video two

It looks like some operator training cannot fail.