Contractors often face the challenge of lifting heavy materials while making up for the use of limited space. LOTOS Serwis, a Poland-based oil company, tackled this common problem with the use of the Grove GMK5180-1 rough-terrain crane, a solution that is compact in design and does not compromise its strong lifting capacities.

The crane’s MAXbase system offers several boom configurations with asymmetrical positioning – with restrictions on site size. LOTOS Serwis used the crane to carry out maintenance, repair and diagnosis work. This project aims to modernize and renovate an older refinery.

“The LOTOS Group’s refinery is currently being renovated and modernized by Polish companies. Thanks to this, we are modernizing the plant and supporting local companies, ”said Paweł Jan Majewski, CEO of LOTOS Group. “The new crane fits perfectly on site and enables us to complete all the necessary tasks.”

The GMK5180-1 reaches a total height of 101 meters and has a capacity of 180 tons with a maximum counterweight of 50 tons. In addition, the crane includes a VIAB turbo retarder clutch, a Mercedes-Benz OM471LA six-cylinder with 520 hp, a Tier 4 final diesel engine and the Standard Crane Control System (CCS).

Manitowoc Cranes product and site information, published by Chantal Zimmermann.