As the construction market grows, despite the continued spread of COVID-19, companies are choosing to expand their fleets to meet the demands of their customers. Neeb, a Germany-based company specializing in transportation, logistics, structural survey projects, and towing and recovery services, purchased three new rough-terrain cranes from Grove.

This decision was based on the need to meet the increasing demands of their customers while adhering to strict load limits. The three rough terrain cranes selected for this purpose included the GMK3060L, GMK4100L-1, and a GMK6300L-1, all of which are used for a variety of applications.

“We received a GMK5150L almost a year ago and were very pleased with this strong and reliable crane. This was one of the reasons why we decided to buy Grove All-Terrains again, ”said Armin Neeb. “Thanks to the strong lifting capacity and the excellent off-road capability of the Grove cranes, we can meet the needs of our customers even better in the future.”

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The GMK4100L-1

The GMK4100L-1, a four-axle Grove rough-terrain crane, has a 100-tonne lifting capacity and a 60-meter main boom.

As soon as the Grove crane arrived, Neeb used it on the current construction site in Wuppertal. The company used the crane’s 26.2 ton counterweight to work on a tight construction site under a motorway bridge.

Additional features of the cranes included a 6.7 ton counterweight in a taxi configuration and the Manitowoc Crane Control System (CCS), which Manitowoc Crane Care employees could use to answer questions in real time.

“The GMK4100L-1 has an impressively long, strong boom that can be used for a wide variety of tasks, making it the most compact taxi crane. With a 19.9 ton counterweight, the crane can even travel 2.55 meters wide, which is extremely important when working in industrial plants, ”said Neeb.

The GMK6300L-1

On the other hand, the GMK6300L-1 features a six-axle crane, an 80-meter main boom and an optional boom extension of up to 37 meters – up to a maximum height of 120 meters when lifting 2.1 tons.

Crane rental companies often face challenges when transporting cranes. This is due to strict load restrictions. There are many load restrictions for bridges in Germany, which means that the total weight is a decisive factor when buying mobile cranes.

The GMK6300L-1 has a load capacity of 300 tons and can lift up to 14 tons with a full boom length in a working radius of 14 to 28 meters. In addition, the Neeb GMK6300L-1 has a boom removal kit that provides more flexibility with no boom and less overall weight. This means that the crane can travel on the road without a main boom with a total gross weight of less than 51-. Metric tons.

The GMK6300L-1 was immediately used on a lime works project that involved dismantling a tower crane. On the way there, the crane stopped at a wind company to dismantle a crawler crane.

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The GMK3060L

The GMK3060L is a compact three-axis machine with a 48-meter main boom that is only 2.55 meters wide. This makes the crane compact while maintaining performance. When the boom is fully extended, it can lift up to 6.6 tons.

At 8.67 meters, however, the girder is almost as compact as a two-axle crane. In addition, the machine uses a high-performance boom and has plenty of storage space.

“The GMK3060L currently offers the best crane concept in the 60-ton class. The long boom with a very small boom overhang in combination with the compact design and the strong load diagrams is unique, ”explained Neeb.

Information provided by Manitowoc and edited by Chantal Zimmermann.