A crane collapse on the construction site of the 175 MW Björkvattnet Björkvattnet (175 MW) onshoreJamtland County, Sweden, Europe Click here for full details Swedish developer Treblade has announced that the wind farm caused minimal disruption and no losses.

In the second confirmed incident of the project in Jämtland County in northeastern Sweden, an auxiliary crane overturned on its way from a crane pad to another turbine, a Treblade spokesman told Windpower Monthly. Nobody was hurt.

“The crane operator was made aware of certain rotating crane components. He could stop the crane and get out of the cabin, ”said the spokesman. “The crane slowly tipped over into the snow bank on the left.”

Treblade declined to confirm the exact timing of the incident. An earlier crane collapse occurred in January and delayed construction by three weeks. The project is now expected online this summer.

The construction plan impact of the recent incident is “pretty minor” as this time it involved a smaller crane that did not block site traffic on the site, a Treblade spokesman said.

They added, “The crane and affected area are now safe, relevant regulatory reports are progressing and recovery plans are being developed.”

Björkvattnet is said to contain 33 of GE’s 5.3-158 turbines and power Google.