Americans buy more full-size trucks than any other type of vehicle and more GM full-size trucks than any other make. In 2020, GM overtook Ford for the big truck crown.

The Ford F-150 (our Best Buy Award winner in that segment) remained America’s top-selling single model, but that was mainly because GM sells its big truck under two names. If you combine sales of the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra, GM has sold more trucks in the past year:

  • GM trucks: 847,110
    • Chevy Silverado: 594.094
    • GMC Sierra: 253.016
  • Ford F-150: 787,422
  • Ram: 563.676
  • Toyota Tundra: 109.203
  • Nissan Titan: 26,439

The combination of sales, we should explain, is the logical step – the Silverado and Sierra are essentially the same truck, built in the same factories and equipped with slightly different equipment. They resemble the trim levels of a model more than the competing products and are savvy consumers often cross-shop the pair.

Several things caused a stir, from Ford, which suffered more COVID-19-related factory shutdowns, to some buyers waiting for the new 2021 F-150 – a complete makeover. It may not return in 2021 to gain attention with this new F-150. However, intense competition should create incentives for truck buyers all year round.

The competition in 2020 was also fierce in the medium-sized truck segment, although the Toyota Tacoma (our winner of the Best Buy Award for medium-sized trucks 2021) remained the undisputed champion there.