Diving letter:

  • Gilbane gets a bird’s eye view of one of his projects using camera-mounted crane hooks to renovate a government building in Richmond, Virginia, USA Contractor said in a press release.
  • Versatile’s CraneView uses a multi-sensor device mounted under the hook of a crane that then compiles data tailored to the needs of the project team.
  • With the motionless metrics captured by CraneView, Gilbane was able to coordinate deliveries in real time and manage more efficient workflows. The project team in Richmond has quantified the efficiency of the cranes on site using a daily report of the crane’s utilization.

Dive Insight:

Gilbane ran multiple CraneView units on multiple cranes to identify inefficiencies and optimize performance.

The Virginia Project in the General Assembly Building is a 15-story legislative and administrative tower with an area of ​​415,000 square feet and the central part of a modernization project for the historic Capitol Square of Virginia.

“We zoned the crane because it’s almost like a control tower in a busy airport,” said Meirav Oren, CEO and co-founder of Versatile. said in a video about the partnership.

The information recorded by the sensor is summarized in a daily extract, which is emailed to the project team about crane use, completed work and efficiency. The information includes how many lifts the crane has performed, how long the crane has been idle, and how long it has been in operation.

The camera also enables viewers to determine in real time whether employees are safely performing tasks, such as: B. Using the rigging properly or putting on the correct PPE.

“Since we’re as safety conscious as we are, I think you have the ability to look straight at the connections, you know the riggers, the guys who plug that stuff in on the ground, you see something like this that you correct something You can, “Gilbane Senior General Superintendent Chris Whitley said in the video.

In December, Versatile, based in Los Altos, California, announced $ 20 million in Series A funding. The round was chaired by Insight Partners and Entree Capital alongside previous investors.