Welcome to the first edition of Duluth Daily Digest, Here is everything you need to know about events and news from across the city!

My name is Lyndsay Oxley and I have been in the District near Duluth for about three years. If you recognize my name and face, it’s probably because you saw me Parsons Alley at the Good word brewing. I’m there every weekend serving tables while I’m an ESOL teacher during the week Radloff Middle School. I love everything about Duluth – everything from the variety, the great food and drink, and the warming culture. I hope I can keep reading you every day, and if you enjoy reading it please tell your friends!

in the today’s edition, you will read about it local artists and writers, Events taking place in town tonight, and a gigantic house for sale!

First, here’s a little bit about today’s weather:

Today is a perfect May day with a low of 59 and a high of 85. It will be sunny all day. So head to Parson’s Alley tonight for some great food and drink!

Here are the top 5 news about Duluth today:

1) A Duluth man is taken into custody for the murder of two women. The shooting took place at Sweetwater Apartments on Sweetwater Road. (Gwinnett Daily Post)

2) Would you like to add a furry friend to your family? Planned Pethood from Georgia has seen an excess of pets in need of a new home! A list of available animals and more information about Planned Pethood. (Patch)

3) The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) investigates newly elected sheriff, Keybo Taylor, For a possible blackmail attempt. Additionally, Taylor is under four other lawsuits from bail bond companies. (AJC)

4) Duluth writers, Belinda M. Ford, published a children’s book herself to help children grow up. The name of the book is “Mom, tell me when you were little, “and aims to reach African American girls who rarely see themselves featured in children’s media. (Gwinnett Daily Post)

5) A. $ 2,000,000 home in Duluth is on the market. The house has a resort style pool, tree house and is located in Sugar Loaf Country Club. (Gwinnett Daily Post)

Events in the city take place here:

  • It’s Friday again! You know what that means… Fridays and Duluth are back !! There will be food trucks and wonderful weather on the green Parsons Alley! Come out and support your local businesses tonight from 5-8.
  • If you are looking for some live music, visit this one Infinite Energy Center to see BandaMS. This Spanish band will be playing tonight 8 o’clock.
  • Do you have a talent for singing or playing an instrument? Abbots Bar and Grill hosted from 6:30 to the end. Come out and support local talent while you have a bite to eat!

You are now informed of today’s news and events for Duluth! I’ll see you again in tomorrow’s edition.

Relax yourself,

Lyndsay 🙂

About Me: I grew up on the Florida-Georgia Line and moved on the subway while studying at Kennesaw State University. When I graduated, I became a teacher, server, and friend to everyone around me. You can always find me downtown Duluth when I’m grabbing the best food or hanging out with friends.