If you make plans for the weekend Boise daily has the perfect answer – free fishing! Downtown Boise may receive large numbers of new homes and COVID cases are looming among the unvaccinated. A former death row inmate is now entitled to compensation and see if you agree with the Boise Food Trucks reviews.

Take a look at the weather today:

  • Thursday: Rain in the morning and in the afternoon. Temps: High of 65 ° & Low of 50 °.

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The rising steam at Boise JUMP is a great place to get rid of this hair problem. John L. Braese / Patch Photo Agency

Patch Pick: Grab your fishing rod and reel because Saturday June 12th is a free state fishing day. Due to the pandemic, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game will not host any events, but anglers are welcome to dive a worm or bait without a fishing license. (My story)

Here are the top 5 stories for today:

1. Downtown Boise keeps growing and now a developer asks to add a 19 story flat Buildings on the corner of 6th Street and Front Street. Don day from BoiseDev has the history of additional 209 planned apartments. (BoiseDev)

2. The sun of the capital of Idaho Audrey Dutton says more than 90 percent of current COVID cases in Idaho are those who do Not been vaccinated. The state is now reporting Less as 200 new cases per day. (IdahoCapitalSun)

3. Also from Idaho Capital Sun and also from Dutton, the Idaho Supreme Court has consented to arguments about a. listen new Idaho law and how Idahoans gather Signatures to the Voting initiatives. (Idaho Capital Sun)

4th Charles Fain spent 18 years in Idahos Death row for a crime he did not commit. Now Fain a Certificate of innocence and is eligible for Compensation, as reported by Meredith Spelbring by KIVI. (STONE)

5. The number of Food truck and the kitchen in Boise continues to grow. The problem is the decision best one and location of the truck. Roaming is now hungry 21 best Food truck in Boise. See if you agree. (Hunger for roaming)

Boise Fact of the Day:

Based on previous travelers’ spending habits, if to eat out an average meal in Boise should cost about $ 14 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

Boise Parish Calendar:

– The Garden City Book Club meets around 14 o’clock on Thursday. All are welcome.

– A Showcase of unity and diversity takes place from in the garden city library 19 o’clock on Thursday.

Include health holds a attitude Event on Thursday from 7am In the St. Alphonsus Medical Center. This event is for all RNs, LPNs and CNAs.

Toddler stories, there is a program for children aged 18 months to 3 years Thursday In the Garden City Library starts at 10 am

According to all reports, Thursday will be the coldest day of the week, so is a good time to catch up on the news Boise daily. Temps are expected to return to normal this weekend.

– John

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