RAMALLAH, Friday, June 18, 2021 (WAFA) – A former PLO official has praised a British activist who climbed a 200-meter-high crane in solidarity with Palestine.

Hanan Ashrawi, a former member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), praised Nick Georges, 69, who risked his life at 4 a.m. on Tuesday when he lifted the crane near the U.S. embassy in the Battersea area Mounted South London. Deployment of a Palestinian flag from the summit.

“Palestine is really deeply grateful. You are a brave and honorable man and we love you. #Free Palestine, “Ashrawi tweeted.

In a video address, Georges said he climbed the tower scaffolding “to tell the world about Palestine”.

“I was sent to Palestine as a humanitarian witness for three months,” said Georges. “I witnessed the atrocities and horrors of the illegal Israeli occupation of the Palestinian homeland.”

“I saw a house where a family of four Jewish settlers were burned alive with incendiary bombs. I’ve seen land desecrated and olive plantations burned. I’ve seen so many houses and houses demolished by JCB machines, British machines, in Israel, ”said Georges.

“Every day … they are destroying more Palestinian homes. The Palestinians have no rights. They even have their electricity and water removed, ”he added.

“Israel is the fourth largest nuclear military power in the world. The Palestinians have nothing. As a Christian who cares, I can’t just stand by and go on like this. We should all do more to advance the cause of peace and freedom for the Palestinians and to stop the horrors Israel inflicts on these people. “

The crane is on a construction site at One Nine Elms, a £ 1 billion project that will include a luxury skyscraper, and across from the new U.S. embassy that opened in January 2018. Roads were closed on Tuesday in the area as a precaution.

Supporters of Georges waiting under the crane told local media that he climbed the structure without a hard hat or safety net.

“He did something quite death-defying, I think, because everyday life under the Israeli boots of apartheid is death-defying for the Palestinians,” her fellow activist Sarah Wilkinson told the local media on the ground.

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