FlowBelow aero wheel covers come standard on Navistars 2022 International LT and RH trucks.

FlowBelow aero wheel covers are standard on Navistars 2022 International LT and RH trucks ordered after June 15, 2021.

In 2020, International announced that the FlowBelow wheel covers and Tractor AeroKit are included in the International MPG package for the LT series, which also includes chassis aprons, headlining, cab extensions and an optional bumper apron. With FlowBelow wheel covers now becoming standard, the drive wheel covers will continue to be offered as part of the MPG package or as a standalone option for additional fuel savings.

“Customer demand for wheel covers has led us to add them to our standard specification going forward,” said Chet Ciesielski, vice president of heavy truck business at Navistar. “Combined with Navistar’s desire to offer the most fuel efficient truck on the market and our positive experience with the FlowBelow engineering team, the decision to standardize wheel covers was an easy one.”

Gordon Virginski, Executive Vice President, OEM and Dealer Programs at FlowBelow Aero, has partnered with Navistar to expand their range of FlowBelow products.

“Tests at Navistar have proven the durability and fuel-saving potential of FlowBelow wheel covers and drive wheel covers,” he said. “Adding wheel covers to the standard equipment of the International LT 2022 is just one of many positive steps I believe Navistar will take in the years to come to reduce fuel consumption and meet its sustainability initiatives.”

Navistar offers FlowBelow hubcaps as standard in black, with gray as a free alternative. They will be available for both 4×2 and 6×4 applications.