• Hafen Södertälje operates the first Liebherr mobile harbor crane with fossil-free diesel made from 100% renewable raw materials
  • The new low-emission LHM 420 enables the port to handle goods more efficiently and contributes to further growth
  • The port of Södertälje was the first port in Sweden to switch to fossil fuels

With the acquisition of the first Liebherr mobile harbor crane that runs on fossil-free HVO100 diesel, the port of Södertälje is underlining its efforts to become a green port. The new LHM 420 mobile harbor crane was recently delivered to the port and will significantly improve handling performance in the container and project cargo area.

Rostock (Germany), May 2021 – With its proximity to the good infrastructure of Stockholm and its metropolitan area, the port of Södertälje has a unique location in one of the most extensive regions of Scandinavia.

The port of Södertälje purchased a new Liebherr LHM 420 mobile harbor crane in 2020. The new machine was delivered in March 2021 and is already in use in the port. With its load capacity of up to 124 tonnes and its 360-degree mobility, the crane offers the port flexibility in handling a wide variety of goods. In addition, the crane is fully loaded with various assistance systems that make container handling even more effective and safer. Liebherr assistance systems such as the Vertical Line Finder, the Teach-In system or the Advanced Container Control turn the crane into a partially automated and intelligent crane. In addition, due to the proximity of the port to the city, the LHM sound insulation is installed.

“The time for us to invest in a third mobile harbor crane is perfect. This means that we can offer our customers more efficient handling and enable continuous growth both in the container segment and in project cargoes “, says Robert Tingvall, CEO of Port of Södertälje,” we have a very modern terminal with a focus on efficiency, automation, and digitization. We are very satisfied and happy with this new crane. “

Almost emission-free with HVO diesel

In addition to all the useful and efficiency-enhancing properties, the real specialty of the new machine for Sweden is the type of fuel. The machine is the first Liebherr mobile harbor crane to be operated with HVO diesel, which is almost emission-free. HVO Renewable Diesel is a first-class, fossil-free diesel product made from 100% renewable raw materials that does not release any new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is made by hydrotreating vegetable oils and / or organic fats. The result is a high-quality fuel with a chemical structure that is almost identical to conventional diesel and can therefore completely replace fossil diesel. The port of Södertälje was the first port in Sweden to switch to fossil-free fuels. The port has been using the environmentally friendly fuel HVO100 to operate its vehicles, machines and cranes since 2016.

However, the port will only use the diesel engine to move the crane at the terminal. As soon as the crane is at the desired location, the electric motor is used for handling. The port’s electricity also comes from renewable sources such as wind and solar energy.

“Up to 30% of the electricity we use comes from our own photovoltaic system, which is located on the roof of one of our warehouses. The rest is green electricity from sun, wind and water, ”says Robert Tingvall, CEO of Port of Södertälje.