3twenty Modular expands Saskatchewan plant

Saskatoon-based 3Twenty Modular has added another five acres to its floor space and capacity in the BizHub Industrial Park. The company designs and builds projects for commercial, institutional and educational projects using a prefabricated process. Photos of the facility and the property can be found here.

Winnipeg police and fire department rescue crane climbers

Winnipeg Police and Emergency Services at Winnipeg Fire Department responded to a call at 6:21 p.m. on July 22 with reports that a person had climbed onto a construction crane near Waterfront Drive and James Avenue. It is estimated that the person was nearly 35 meters above the ground. The members of the task force were able to approach the person and secure them with belts and ropes, with which they could be safely lowered to the ground around 7:45 p.m.

WorkSafeBC emphasizes sun protection

WorkSafeBC reminds employees and employers to use sun protection when working outdoors. Recommendations include protecting your skin through clothing choices, staying in the shade if possible and using sunscreen, and using goggles, sunglasses, or prescription glasses along with a wide-brimmed hat to protect your eyes from the sun to protect. WorkSafeBC also has separate resource guides for employees and employers.