The AK 46/6000 is a versatile crane with a capacity of six tons

Dewsbury & Proud took delivery of a new aluminum truck crane AK 46/6000 with a maximum lifting capacity of six tons and ordered a second one in the summer.

The boom of the AK 46/6000 extends to 44 meters and has a maximum length of 46 meters when extended by two meters. It can handle its maximum payload of 6,000 kg in a radius of up to eight meters, 1,000 kg at 26 meters or 250 kg at 39 meters.

Features include a fully hydraulically extendable boom, wireless color remote control and automatic leveling. As with all Böcker truck cranes, the positioning of each individual boom is fully variable.

The steered longitudinal axis is mounted on a 26-ton girder and keeps the crane manoeuvrable and easy to drive.

The crane was also supplied with a PK 250-D access platform that has a payload of up to 250 kg and can rotate +/- 30 degrees.

Tim Proud, Managing Director of Dewsbury & Proud, said: “This is our first Böcker and I am impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the integrated safety features. After our first introduction, we rented the machine and it has not stopped since then. It’s quick and efficient, adaptable, and easy to use. We look forward to our second Böcker in July. “

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