An emergency and evacuation warrant was issued earlier this week for properties near a source of fire in Kelowna.

Tuesday’s fire destroyed a construction site and damaged some surrounding property.

According to Central Okanagan Emergency Operations, the order issued on Wednesday night applies to properties within 300 feet of the scene of the fire, which was at the intersection of Glenmore Road and Union Avenue.

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<p dir=Properties affected by the evacuation order include:

  • Units 1 – 7, 115 Wyndham Crescent

  • 129 Wyndham Crescent

  • Units 123-131, 133 Wyndham Crescent

The fire has been put out and is no longer a risk in itself, but a crane on the job site could potentially be dangerous, emergency officials said.

“We are working with the City of Kelowna, Emergency Management BC, Worksafe BC, the Kelowna Fire Department and professional engineers to assess the risk, determine the structural integrity of the crane, and resolve the situation as quickly as possible,” said Sandra Follack , Central Okanagan Regional Emergency Program Coordinator.

“Public safety is our top priority and we work with the utmost caution to ensure the safety of our residents.”

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<p dir=Glenmore Road will remain closed between Cross and Scene Road, and Union Road will be closed between Wyndham Crescent and Valley Road.

Sidewalks on Glenmore between Cross and Scenic are closed to pedestrian traffic, as are sidewalks on Union between Glenmore Road and Snowsell Street North.

Southbound traffic was diverted to Snowsell Street North and Scenic Road, while northbound traffic was diverted to Snowsell Street North and Valley Road.

These closings will remain in place “until further notice,” officials said.

“To ensure public safety, we urge the public to avoid restricted areas on and along Glenmore Road and to obey road and sidewalk closures, signs and detours,” said Lance Kayfish, Kelowna City Risk Manager.

“Further details and information will be provided as they become available.”

Current information can be found at

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