The Canadian tower crane rental company Concrane Equipment has received a 25 tonne hydraulic luffing tower / derrick crane Eng EDKH 185.

The EDKH 185 built by Eng Cranes in Italy has a maximum boom of 35 meters with a boom capacity of 4.2 tons in two-fall mode, while its maximum capacity can be brought to a radius of 12 meters. It offers tower heights of up to 63 meters and a maximum hook height of 87.6 meters when the boom is 86 degrees from horizontal. It can be safely left out of service even at 85 degrees.

A 42 kW hoist can take up to 1000 meters of rope and offers speeds of up to 58 meters per minute. Features include a self-dismantling boom system, a swivel radius of 2.5 meters and the option of being mounted directly on legs or on a tower. When it was delivered, the crane was set up on a construction site with limited space in downtown Toronto.

The Eng EDKG 185 has a swing radius of 2.1 meters

Daniel Wright, Concrane General Manager, said, “A customer approached us with a job in downtown Toronto between two existing buildings. It’s a very tight space so we needed a crane that would fit but also have the capacity to do the job. The EDHK185 perfectly meets our requirements. The crane does not have a counter jib – and when the jib is up, the top is only 4.1 meters from the center of the tower, allowing the crane to turn without fear of hitting the buildings it is erecting between has been. “

When it was delivered, the crane was set up in a tight spot in the center of Toronto

“The crane also doesn’t have a vertex to alleviate air rights issues when the boom is down. Toronto, like any other large city, has limited space and many people occupy it. Every available plot of land is being built on and many are in very tight or uncomfortable spaces. This versatile crane is the solution to the frustrations of many remodeling companies. My grandfather Ricky Redigonda branded the EDKH 185 as a “special crane for a special job” and did it absolutely justice. ”

Concrane Equipment, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, is affiliated with Concrane Sales, which was named Eng Crane distributor for Ontario, Canada last May. The company also has an associate service company, Toronto Crane Service.

Eng Cranes is headquartered in Reggio Emilia, Italy and headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company offers a range of flat, buffer, derrick and self erecting tower cranes and manufactures many of its own components.