The 22-year-old died when a crane he was working on came into contact with high-voltage cables in a factory in Kanganwal on September 3

From HT correspondent, Ludhiana


Two days after a 22-year-old factory worker was electrocuted while working on a crane in Kanganwal, police booked his employer and crane operator on Sunday.

Factory owner Saksham Jindal and crane operator Jasbir Singh were charged with negligent homicide on reports from the victim’s mother.

Hameti Devi, a resident of Rajiv Colony, Focal Point, claimed that on September 3, her son Abhishek was instructed to use a crane to unload materials but was not provided with safety equipment. During the work, the crane came into contact with high-voltage cables and electrocuted her son, who died on the spot.

She claimed that the police did nothing when they arrived at the scene.

The body was taken to the civil hospital, but the family did not allow an autopsy and applied for an FIR against the factory owner. They also organized a protest in front of the Kanganwal Police Station.

Sub-inspector Balwinder Singh, SHO, Sahnewal Police Station, said an FIR had been filed against the defendant under Section 304-A of India’s Criminal Code and the autopsy would be performed on Monday.

Family loses breadwinner

As the only son of his parents, Abhishek worked in the factory to support his family financially. His mother said her husband was bedridden with paralysis and her daughter was being treated for a stomach cyst.

RK Yadav, General Secretary of the Samajwadi Party, Punjab, called for compensation for the family as they had no money to cremate the victim.

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