In the course of 2021, many companies decide to expand – they buy additions to their crane fleets for more flexibility and order fulfillment. A common theme arises during the purchase decision process, the ability to transport it easily and safely. Lift-All Crane Service, after considering its options, decided to purchase two additional Manitowoc Grove truck cranes, the TMS9000-2.

The decision was based on the improved handling due to the compact dimensions of the crane. The two new Manitowoc cranes have joined the hoisting company based in Omaha, Nebraska.

The two TMS9000-2 cranes are currently part of a 15-crane fleet from 12 to 120 tons. Lift-All had previously bought a TMS9000-2 at the end of 2018 and a TMS500-2 in spring 2020.

The TMS9000-2, a 100-tonne model, is an ideal crane for the Lift-All fleet. It shows its ability to work on heavy lifting projects and lighter jobs in residential areas due to the removable counterweight and extremely responsive handling.

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“Usually every time you step into a larger crane, the further you get from the base, the more cumbersome it becomes,” said Joe Hylok, owner of Lift-All. “Half the battle is getting the crane to the construction site. But with this crane, the cab is comfortable and almost as beautiful as a tractor-trailer, so that it is easy on the operator. It’s efficient and quick. “

Because the TMS9000-2 can remove counterweight features, the crane can hydraulically withdraw 48,500 pounds from the bodywork cab, making transportation easier. Lift-All works in many areas including roofs, cell towers, trusses, steel assembly and HVAC, and takes advantage of the flexibility that the detachable counterweight functions provide.

“We also work in a lot of easy-pedaling neighborhoods, with roundabouts, narrow streets, etc.,” said Hylok. “The machine is light and manoeuvrable enough to access these areas and perform picks without any problems.

“In the past, when setting up pools in swimming pools, we always attached a boom to our 80-tonne crane, but we can also set a boom to 150 feet without a boom on the TMS9000-2. It’s just amazing to be able to go this far without putting on a jib. “

This function is provided by the six-part MEGAFORM boom shape of the TMS9000-2, which increases the capacity compared to conventional constructions. The boom extends from 36 to 169 feet while using the twin-lock fixation system which eliminates the weight inside the extended boom and automatically locks sections together.

In addition, the optional rocker extension offers an improved range for certain project specifications.

Information provided by Manitowoc and edited by Chantal Zimmermann.