An elephant had to Be brought to safety by a crane after falling into a well in India.

F.Orestes officials in southern Tamil Nadu state said they had to work more than 12 hours to save the animal. Reuters Reports.

The elephant had plumhit 50ft after being chased by a dog in the village Panchapali, strayed into the area on November 19th.

Rajkumar, the district’s forest officer, told the news agency that the well it fell into was covered with bushes and had no fence or wall around it.

“It was a deep and narrow well,” said Rajkumar.

“We were informed by locals early on Thursday and could only pick up the elephant late at night.”

Image credit: SWNS

Rajkumar, from Panchapaliworked out alongside the district forest officer S Prabhu Krishnagirito oversee the rescue operation, which included 50 other officers from the forestry department, fire department and local police.

The animal is believed to have been walking around the area with two other elephants for a few days before falling.

Fortunately, a team of people was finally able to help the elephant get to safety.

Image credit: SWNSImage credit: SWNS

The forest officials first cleared the bushes around the well before attempting to pump out water.

However, Rajkumar said the elephant attacked the pipes used to remove the water, which meant it had to be sedated before they could continue.

A team of wildlife veterinarians led by Dr. Prakash was lowered into the well for administration reassuring Arrows to the affected elephant – who dropped coconut tree leaves to feed him while it was stuck.

Image credit: SWNSImage credit: SWNS

Two excavators, trucks, and cranes were then used to pull it out from inside the holeWith Plans for the release of the animal into the Hosur forest area.

“Finally, with the help of doctors, we sedated the animal and lifted it out of the well with a crane,” said Rajkumar.

“It was shown to be healthy and active when we monitored it for three hours after the rescue.”

According to Reuters, forest destruction is fast urbanization and increasing village populations have resulted in animals dare near human settlements in India.

Two more elephants fell into such wells last year.