If you’re into downtown Denver on Thursday, there are a few detours to consider ahead of time.

Video transcript

MAKENZIE O’KEEFE: Due to construction in downtown Denver, some streets are closed today. So Mekialaya White is near the Colorado Convention Center where this is happening. And Mek, any problems so far this morning?

MEKIALAYA WHITE: Not yet, Makenzie. And yes, we would like to alert you to some of the changes you will see while you commute this morning. You can see there are barricades out here [INAUDIBLE] between 14th and Spear as it is closed. So the crews arrived about an hour and a half ago to set everything up here. And, as noted, the streets in the area will be closed as the Colorado Convention Center prepares for a major modernization.

This weekend, the first of two tower cranes to support the expansion project for the congress center will arrive here. And building materials are to be transported to the roof of the center with the crane. And during this project you will see crews working about 25 meters above the ground. Most of the work is done there. And these crews will build an 80,000 square meter multi-purpose room and outdoor terrace on top of the facility. This gives visitors a view of the skyline and the mountains from the roof terrace.

And the project is priced at $ 200 million. This also includes funds from Measure 2C, which was approved by the voters in 2015. Now the signs are issued here to remind drivers. And the lock will last until 5:00 p.m. on Sunday evening. So not only will it affect your morning commute, but it will also affect your entire weekend here in this downtown area. We currently live in downtown Denver. Mekialaya White first covers Colorado.