In the beginning I know that the biggest problem parents have in raising their children is learning well and meaningfully.

The world moves and evolves quickly, technology is useful, but sometimes it’s harmful, and it turns kids into strange creatures like zombies who don’t interact with the outside world and lock themselves in front of iPad screens and others.

Here comes the role of parents in how their children learn a useful upbringing by developing the child’s awareness and developing their intellectual, visual and resourceful abilities and also developing their mind through coloring, writing and wonderful illustration in a smooth and simple form .

Painting is a great way for kids to express themselves creatively.

This book introduces you to a fun and exciting world for all children (boys – girls) aged 2-4 3-5 years, which keeps them busy with what is good for them, keeps them away from problems and also makes parents happy .

This activity book has been created in a simple and simple way, graded easy to difficult, that motivates children to learn more and acquire new skills over many hours without getting bored.

Let us know the specifications and contents of this book.

  • This book contains 110 PAGES of great content.
  • This book contains many activities and illustrations including cars, planes, trucks, construction equipment, boats, and submarines that are easy to use with large and small guide points.
  • A special section for learning the alphabet with pictures of animals and their names.
  • A special section for learning numbers with fruit illustrations.
  • A section by point with great graphics from easy to difficult.
  • A section for maze game – ABC game.
  • A special section for free coloring with wonderful animal drawings.
  • This is an excellent activity book for children in schools and drawing classes.
  • All of this great content comes in a large 8.5 “by 11” size.
  • Glossy cover.
  • Nice and cool cover design.
  • A nice memory in your memory box for future generations.

Dot Markers Activity Book suitable as a gift for all children for all holidays, events, family outings and summer outings.

Ultimately, I hope this book provides good and useful content for all children.