Spring has started and it’s time to get out and enjoy some of this temperamental weather. Magnetic’s editors have put together an equipment guide to help you get the most out of your urban commute or leisure cruise during this unpredictable season. Whether you ride your e-bike, push it on your skateboard or just do it biped-style, there is something for you here. We may not be going to music festivals this season, but we can definitely head out and have fun in the great outdoors.

Check out these two e-bikes that we just tested. The KBO Breeze and Ride1Up Roadster V2 are both great ways to get around and come in significantly less than most bikes in their class on the market.

The Ride1up Roadster V2 e-bike

The KBO Breeze e-bike

The KBO Breeze e-bike

Thank you for watching!Visit the websiteScreenshot 2021-04-11 at 8.31.56 a.m.Thank you for watching!Visit the websiteThank you for watching!Visit the website

Affinity Carbon Fiber Tire Lever (MSRP) 29.95

Screenshot 2021-04-11 at 8.32.38 a.m.

Whenever you ride on city streets, rocky trails, or even paved bike paths, there is always a chance that you will blow a tire. We believe in the motto “be prepared” and the Affinity Carbon Fiber tire levers are perfect companions. They are light, ergonomically perfect, durable and made of carbon and are rim-friendly. So make sure you pack a foldable pump, patch kit, extra tubing, and those levers – because you never know when you might get into trouble, whether it’s a nail or a thorn, something will come for at some point You.

These levers are made of 3k + unidirectional carbon fiber and optimized three-dimensional shapes to achieve maximum strength and rigidity.

Screenshot 2021-04-11 at 8.40.03 a.m.

HipLok DX (MSRP $ 89.99)

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Bicycle locks are a fundamental necessity these days, especially in urban environments that are more prone to bicycle theft. U-locks have long been the standard for the best protection, but they are heavy, sometimes awkward, and can make driving an obstacle. The HipLok tries to solve the classic problems with a few features that make it unique. First, it has a built-in clip that you can use to clip it to your belt or bag straps. For short trips this is sure to be great. Second, if you are going on a long trip, its small size and light weight make it possible to stow just a backpack or saddlebag. The HipLok DX gives you a gold level of security and features a double deadlock and anti-rotation leak combined with a 14mm hardened steel shackle. Despite its small size, locking larger bikes like an e-bike on standard carriers is still pretty easy. So drink your beer with confidence because your bike is damn safe.


  • Maximum security D Lock
  • Double dead lock
  • Anti-twist device
  • 14mm premium shackle made of hardened steel
  • Patented clip + ride system
  • Gold sells for sure
  • 3 X-coded interchangeable keys
  • Weight: 1098 g
  • Locking area: 15 cm x 8.5 cm

Screenshot 2021-04-11 at 8.45.43 a.m.

adidas Sport Sunglasses SP0018 (RRP 140 USD)

If you’re serious about driving, consider getting some sunglasses that can handle the elements and are comfortable enough in the long run. We all know the ’80s are back, so adidas delivered sunglasses with pinpoint style and the technology to boot. Whatever your sport, these colors will help you stay focused and cool during the action. With a ventilation system that prevents fogging, lenses that protect your eyes from UV light and improve contrast, and a lightweight frame – these are hard to beat. You can even get a better fit with adjustable nope pads. Whether you rock a Hawaiian shirt and neon socks on your bike, on foot or during the music festival (live stream), the adidas SP0018s are the jam.

Screenshot 2021-04-11 at 8.48.26 a.m.Screenshot 2021-04-11 at 8:48:11 am

Lander Skateboard (MSRP $ 149 complete)

Let Los Angeles create a skateboard that looks and feels this way! Lander Skateboards have a unique approach to skateboard design and we love everything about it. From the stylee holes all over the deck to the nice and easy ride for such a short board. Not only were they designed in LA, but they’re made there using a proprietary blend of fiber-reinforced nylon and recycled content. Now, in addition to looking good, you can feel good too – go green baby. Who said LA has no soul? This is the perfect little walkway stick for heading to the beach or pushing down the neighborhood sidewalks for a morning coffee. The wheels are just bold enough to handle the lumps and just long enough to keep non-rippers stable, unlike the other dinky plastic boards. Get one for your summer shredding or cruising, or just hang it on your wall as art because it’s so cool.


26.5 “L x 9” W, 5.5 #

Trucks – 156mm hanger / 8.625 “axle, forged 356 T6 aluminum hangers and base plates

Wheels and bearings: 59 mm diameter x 38 mm B, 80 A durometer hardness; Precision bearings

Packaging – 100% recycled cardboard and biodegradable ink, artwork by Sam Harkham


Coyote Long Board from Loaded Boards (MSRP $ 199 completed)

The Coyote is the ultimate mid-sized longboard, we’d almost call it an old-school full-sizer, but it’s just a tad bigger. For anyone remembering the days of the Bones Brigade, you will love this board. The Coyote is the perfect get-around board that is still light and short enough to make it difficult. watch the video – told you. Even if you’re not banging on ollies or grinding curbs, the Coyote is the perfect companion for finding your way around the city. It’s stable, soaks up the bumps and is fun on the descents – carve, carve, carve. The fat kick tail and subtle concavity give you serious maneuverability. It almost feels like your feet are glued to the board. The board is made from 7-ply maple for a perfect level of stiffness and pop. Great construction along with a custom artwork by the artist Hello Lou (holalou.com) Make this a top choice for spring / summer cruises.


Length: 78.1 cm

Width: 21.3 cm

Wheelbase: 44.5 cm

Profile: rocker

Weight (deck only): 1.3 kg

Screenshot 2021-04-11 at 8.58.27 a.m.

Chrome Industries Merino Cobra 3.0 Hoodie (MSRP $ 180)

The Chrome team has been developing urban cycling gear for over 25 years. It goes without saying that they are good at what they do and we are big fans. The Cobra Hoodie has been part of the line for a decade and is now in its third iteration, also known as the Merino Cobra 3.0.

Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors knows that merino wool is an incredible fabric. It’s hard to beat when you’re comfortable, able to resist the stench, and wick away moisture. The 3.0 increases the stakes with a fantastic blend of merino and recycled poly, so you get the functionality of wool with the longer lasting durability of the poly. This is the perfect sweatshirt for those cooler spring rides, with the right features and cut for the more hardcore urban cyclist.

The 3.0 features an updated two-way zip, reinforced thumb loops, a full-length back pocket, hand warmer pockets on the front and a figure-hugging cut. Whether you are taking a casual ride or just a leisurely stroll, this hoodie will be your new best friend. Oh, did we mention it’s soft and cozy too? Yes, we called it cozy.

Technical specifications:

  • Natural, heat-regulating and odorless merino wool fabric with polyester for additional durability
  • Breathable, moisture wicking and quick drying
  • Form-fitting sporty fit
  • Reinforced sleeve cuffs
  • Two-way zip
  • Hand warmer pockets on the front
  • Reinforced back pocket lined with power mesh
  • Offset shoulder seams for more comfort
  • SIZE men & women: S | M | L | XL | XXL
  • MSRP: $ 180