Images of a construction worker dangling from the hook of a crane in Birkirkara have surfaced on the Internet, raising concerns about safety.

The workers on the construction site seem to be ignoring all possible safety precautions, including the lack of basic construction equipment.

The road has been identified as “Triq il-Knisja il-Qadima”. Several people were killed and injured on the island due to the refusal to comply with safety regulations.

This has become an issue that Malta’s construction industry cannot shake.

Just a month ago, two workers were hit by stones at a construction site in Floriana and one of these men suffered life-threatening injuries.

Meanwhile, the architects responsible for the tragic death of Miriam Pace have been charged. One receives 480 hours of community service and a € 10,000 fine, while the other receives 400 hours of community service and a € 8,000 fine.

Lovin Malta has asked the OHSA to comment on this matter. It is investigating the matter further.

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