• Sutek prefers Potain cranes for their reliability, especially in subzero temperatures in Russia.

  • The company has nearly 50 units and has used them on some of Russia’s most famous construction projects in recent years.

Sutek, one of Russia’s largest tower crane rental companies, has invested heavily in Potain cranes over the past decade, and the additions have helped make the company successful. The company bought its first unit in 2013, though its association with Potain cranes dates back to 1987. Today the company operates a fleet of 48 Potain cranes, including the MR 295, MDT 178, MDT 269, MC 235 B, MCT 385 L14 and MCT 178 models, with new deliveries in 2021.

Sutek has a reputation for providing reliable cranes that help projects meet deadlines and stay on budget. According to Unal Atik, owner and general manager of Sutek, the company has the exceptional lifting power and innovative technologies that come with Potain cranes. But the most important thing is reliability in the difficult Russian conditions.

“Reliable cranes mean time savings on construction sites and cost benefits as Potain cranes require fewer repairs and spare parts,” he said. “Russia is known for its harsh weather, but our Potain cranes perform well no matter how extreme the conditions are.”

When Sutek needs assistance, the company can count on Manitowoc Crane Care, which provides comprehensive customer service across Russia.

“We have worked with Manitowoc and Potain for many years and we are delighted with the high quality service they provide,” said Atik. “The Manitowoc team in Russia is very helpful and dedicated to assisting us with all of our needs.”

Top jobs

Sutek’s Potain tower cranes have worked on a wide variety of construction sites over the past several years, including residential, commercial and industrial projects. These include some of the largest airport projects in the country, such as Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don Airport. Further projects are the Evolution Tower, the skyscrapers of the Neva Towers as well as the Tushyno 2018 residential project in Moscow and the Sibur petrochemical plant in Tobolsk. The company is currently involved in notable projects such as the Grand Tower and Capital Towers in Moscow.

Sutek is headquartered in Moscow and offers rental, installation, dismantling and operating services for tower cranes. In addition to the Moscow region, the company operates in many other large hardware stores in Russia, including St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Tobolsk, Perm and Voronezh.