Steel Giraffe – Stephen Kelly

There is a first time for everything and in 2019 Stephan Kelly, owner of Steel Giraffe LLC., Decided to buy his very first Demag AC 45 City crane. The company wanted to expand its fleet and needed a crane that could adapt to different environmental factors and handle a wide variety of projects. The choice fell on the Demag AC 45 City crane.

Steel Giraffe knew the right decision was made when the crane exceeded expectations for performance and ease of use.

“It was quite an experience at first to machine a radius with such a small crane with a 114 foot footprint,” said Kelly. “We used to go to construction sites and people would say, ‘Will this crane do this?’

“The customers are enthusiastic about how compact the device is, in contrast to the total system length to which we can expand.”

The Rhode Island company praised the Demag AC 45 crane’s ability to set up quickly and efficiently. With the Demag AC 45 in-house, the company was able to handle various sub-projects in one day without major assembly and dismantling.

“The ease of moving the crane is really remarkable,” said Kelly. “It’s not uncommon for us to have three to four jobs in a day that are all over Rhode Island. With a top speed of 80 km / h, we can cover 100 percent of our state with the city crane. “

In addition, thanks to the three-axis steering and multiple modes, the crane model can be placed almost anywhere – in places where other cranes cannot. The crane can be configured in various ways to suit different project sizes. Some setups include: jib offsets, runners, runners with search hooks and offset, extensive pick-and-carry tasks, variable outriggers, and reduced counterweight packages.

Demag AC 45 City crane projects (not all included):

  • Super yacht mast installation
  • Transportation of medical MRI equipment
  • Bridge works
  • Art installation
  • Small to medium sized modular homes
  • Loading the America’s Cup boat onto the Antonov Cargo Carrier Aircraft

Information provided by Tadano America Corporation and published by Chantal Zimmermann.