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Bibi-Prozess: ‘Shish-Kebab’ was the code for the positive press orders from PM on demand

JACK GUEZ / AFP via Getty Images Accused of coordinating a consideration with major Israeli news outlet Walla News, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was referred to by staff as “Kim Jong Un” and his on-demand requests for positive coverage were forwarded according to Loud Walla News CEO, who testified in the corruption trial against Netanyahu this week, the State of Israel alleged in court that Netanyahu had desperately tried to take control of Walla News, the country’s main news portal, and its political synopsis and gossip bomb . In the dramatic opening arguments of the evidence phase of Netanyahu’s trial, in which he is charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust, Attorney General Liat Ben-Ari alleged that the Prime Minister, Defendant Number One, had “misused the power of his office to grant illegal favors and to promote his personal interests “, with major media. Bibi’s Trumpian Election Freakout Has Concerned Experts Indeed, the state claims that Netanyahu fired his communications minister and the ministry’s director general to please tycoons Iris and Shaul Elovitch, the controlling shareholders of Bezeq – Walla’s parent company and Israel’s largest communications company – who are also due Bribery charges were charged in three cases last year, each relating to consideration that includes allegations that he received positive reporting or costly gifts in exchange for favors: “The relationship between Netanyahu and the co-defendants became currency, something that could be traded, “said Ben-Ari told the court. “This currency could distort an official’s judgment.” With Walla’s shameful leadership nearby, Netanyahu tilted his head to the left and stared directly at Ben-Ari from the far end of a courtroom designed specifically for the security needs of On the witness stand, former Walla CEO Ilan Yeshua described a management fracas, where he lost editor for editor after they realized they had become peasants in a grand plan that Netanyahu had drawn up that denies everything. Yinua said that before leaving the outlet, Yinon asked Magal Yeshua, “What is it that for a shame we’re doing here? ”- and threatened to go straight to Netanyahu to demand that he drop the constant stream of requests about tipping. Some tidbits emerged from the testimony eagerly awaited in Israel has been. In the Walla newsroom, orders from the prime minister’s office were referred to as “shashlik,” Yeshua said, “because items had to be prepared to order.” The staff called Netanyahu “Kim”, a tribute to the North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un or ” the big guy “. Sara Netanyahu was named Ri Sol-ju after Kim’s wife. Yeshua said he has faced daily abuse by Netanyahu envoys and described a pandemic orchestrated by the Eloviches that has been accused of undermining their news site in order to provide Netanyahu Bezeq with regulatory relief. At one point, Yeshua said, Shaul Elovitch told him “to take this item off immediately because [Netanyahu] have to sign something for me this week. “Israeli prosecutors claim that Bezeq and the Elovitches received $ 500 million for providing Netanyahu with the coverage he requested. No recorders were allowed in the courtroom, and Netanyahu did not hear the testimony. The Jerusalem District Court apologized after Ben-Ari’s opening speech. Before leaving, Judge Rivka Feldman-Friedman told attendees, including the Prime Minister, that “you will get used to hearing my voice.” Yeshua is the first of more than 300 witnesses, and the trial is expected to take several years. Netanyahu could be ousted in weeks after narrowing down in Israel’s election Netanyahu is fighting for his political life after a fourth inconclusive election, and he didn’t like what he heard in the early days of the trial. In a fiery statement broadcast live from his official residence, he accused the Israeli police and judiciary of having carried out a coup d’état to oust him from power broadly aimed at Ben-Ari, whom he highlighted by name. “What a hypocrisy! The entire process against me was marked by the persistent abuse of the powers of the prosecutor. “Netanyahu claims that the investigation into his conduct and legal prosecution constitute an unlawful takeover of power – a position that was rejected by the court on a witch hunt,” Netanyahu continued. “They did not investigate a crime, they did not seek a crime; They chased a man, they chased me. “He continued,” This is how they are trying to overthrow a powerful right-wing prime minister … this is what an attempted coup looks like. What is happening is an attempt to trample democracy over and over again. They are trying to undo the will of the voters. “Netanyahu rival Benny Gantz tweeted that Netanyahu’s address proved he was unable to serve. “He’s the one trying to carry out a coup. His attack on the prosecutor had one purpose: to delegitimize the outcome of the trial and try to gain unlimited power. I call on all groups to unite and find a way to replace him. “In a statement, Justice Department officials said Netanyahu’s attack on Ben-Ari, who has been in need of police protection since Netanyahu and his son Yair began publicly attacking them, meanwhile, does not appear to be responding to Netanyahu’s will.” Netanyahu’s Likud failed to win a functioning parliamentary majority in last month’s elections, leading to the country’s fourth stalemate in two years. Israeli law obliges the president to nominate a candidate to form a coalition government, but Netanyahu seems to have little chance of gaining a parliamentary majority in the 28-day window allotted to him. Read More Sign up now! 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