An escalated process of getting a regulated vaccine to market has sparked a fast race by manufacturers to come up with a successful solution to the pandemic. As the world looks closely, supply chain experts apply their knowledge and expertise and play a critical role in sales strategies to deliver the vaccine to end users in rural and urban areas.

The challenges in the supply chain are evident as more information about a viable vaccine becomes available. The exact requirements for temperature control, the number of cans required, shelf life, additional product specifications and packaging requirements are still largely unknown. Specific supply chain solutions, which include storage, international / domestic transportation and distribution methods for the last mile of the COVID vaccine, depend on the final product specification from the leading pharmaceutical companies, which can include temperatures as low as -70 ° C .

Crane Worldwide has documented, tested, verified and validated the strictest requirements known for the vaccine. In addition to investing heavily in temperature-controlled devices, they are investing heavily in visibility and surveillance systems that keep end-to-end records to ensure industry and regulatory compliance, increase security, and global quality assurance for global customers Ensure vaccines manufacturers.

“Supply chain partnerships will be a critical success factor in distributing the COVID vaccine to communities around the world,” commented Keith Winters, CEO of Crane Worldwide, who was featured on a recent podcast by the company.

“Building on the knowledge and research results available to date, we have tested and verified a large number of supply chain scenarios that support and complement the three pillars of success in the vaccine supply chain: storage capacity, ground transport and local / international transport requirements. As a 3PL partner, it is our moral duty to ensure that we have solid solutions in the vaccine release. With a partnership approach, we will not only provide flexibility, but also continue to invest to support our customers’ supply chain constraints now and in the future. “Winters adds. Contact [email protected] for more informations.

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SOURCE Crane Worldwide logistics