The crane safety equipment dealer offers RaycoWylie load moment indicators and anti-two-block warning systems to protect crane operators, ground workers and civilians.

Canton, GA, May 20, 2021 – ( – Wylie pioneered the first safe load indicator in 1933 and the nominal capacity indicator in 1964 to become a trusted name in the crane safety equipment industry. Rayco Electronics acquired Wylie 30 years later and became RaycoWylie to lead the industry in the manufacture of technologically advanced crane warning systems.

With over 80 years of experience, they are driven by innovation to provide safety systems for operators and crew in various industries. Crane Warning Systems Atlanta, in partnership with RaycoWylie, is committed to promoting crane safety awareness.

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta, the largest and oldest distributor of RaycoWylie products, provides superior crane warning systems to Atlanta construction managers and crane operators. Their diverse product portfolio includes the i4000 crane load indicators, anti-two-block warning systems, i4500 LMI systems for cranes and other crane safety equipment. They believe that working together can reduce the high number of crane deaths each year; They believe that every crane operator and site manager should install reliable crane warning systems on their heavy equipment.

A senior company official said, “We are deeply saddened to read the terrifying statistics that reveal hundreds of crane-related deaths each year. Fortunately, many of these crane accidents are preventable with the right crane warning systems. We can’t say how proud we are of our collaboration with RaycoWylie to provide reliable crane warning systems to crane operators and site managers across the United States. As spouses and parents, we want to protect crane operators and crew members who work in various industries across the country from crane-related incidents. “

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta offers an extensive line of crane safety equipment, including crane camera systems, wind speed indicators, waterproof radios and more. With two decades of experience in the industry, they support crane operators in construction, manufacturing, warehousing and other industries.

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Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a US distributor of industry standard crane warning systems, equipment and devices. They have been in the crane safety equipment industry for 20 years and have assisted many site managers and crane operators.

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