Canton, GA, Aug. 19, 2021 – ( – Construction sites are one of the most unsafe work environments in the United States, with the majority of personal work accidents occurring. The Bureau of Labor also estimates that one in four construction workers was injured on the job, some of which were serious or life-changing injuries. In the construction industry, crane accidents and injuries are often much more dangerous and more likely to be fatal due to the height at which they work and the weight of the loads they typically carry.
Crane accidents are most likely to occur due to errors by the workers, incorrect assessments or working in bad weather conditions and not due to crane malfunctions. To combat the accident-prone problems in the industry, Crane Warning Systems Atlanta offers a variety of crane safety systems and warning systems that can reduce the amount of human error that goes into crane operation.
A spokesman for the distributor said, “Since the biggest problem in crane accidents is human error, it is imperative to offer solutions that address this problem. In addition to training, our safety systems help crane operators cope with things like loads and overloads, keep an eye on bad weather conditions and even avoid mistakes like damaging the crane by lifting the hook too quickly. Our products make their work easier for operators and support them in the event of problems. “
Their most popular warning systems include crane load moment indicators, wind speed anemometers, camera systems for optimal visual access to the cranes, and even safety equipment such as radios that work well at high altitudes where crane operators often work.
about the company
Crane Warning System Atlanta is a provider of crane safety instrumentation and services for RaycoWylie products and has been doing so since 2001. They provide technologically advanced display systems and safety equipment to various construction sites across the United States. They also pride themselves on offering budget-friendly options for their customers’ security needs.