Canton, GA, Jan. 31, 2020 – ( – Approximately 297 deaths have been linked to crane accidents in the past seven years. Such accidents are by no means limited to small private construction companies. Just recently, four people were killed in a crane accident in the Google building in Seattle. Two of them were crane operators, the other two passers-by.

Accidents like this happen when companies don’t invest in the right crane warning systems or when crane operators don’t have enough experience. Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is committed to addressing the problem by providing online support to crane operators.

A company representative said: “The duty to ensure crane safety lies primarily with the operator. It is your job to ensure that your crane operators are aware of important safety guidelines and that they adhere to the rules. It is also your job to invest in the right crane warning systems such as cameras, A2B warning systems, load indicators, radios, links, shackles and wireless wind speed indicators. When you invest your money in one of these systems, you make sure that your employees are safe and that their work runs smoothly. “

Most site managers and crane operators do not get crane certification because companies do not emphasize the importance of employee training. Regarding crane safety, operators must have both the theoretical and practical knowledge to ensure safety and pass the certification exams. Theoretical knowledge in particular is very specific for each type of machine and varies depending on the job description of the crane operator.

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta attaches great importance to occupational safety and efficiency. The website offers an extensive range of user guides created by industry experts and certified trainers. These manuals are readily available to anyone who needs them. There are separate files for each type of crane display system, which are clearly highlighted.

Each manual was originally created by RaycoWylie and covers almost all aspects of crane safety. In addition, they are detailed, informative, and fairly self-explanatory. There are also troubleshooting instructions and how to fix common system problems.

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta has been the US distributor of RaycoWylie since 2001.

About Crane Warning Systems Atlanta
Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a supplier of crane safety instruments. Headquartered in Canton, Georgia, the company is the largest distributor of RaycoWylie crane safety products.