Mumbai: A video was circulating on social media platforms today about a bizarre incident caused by heavy rains in Mumbai. In the midst of the monsoon rains on the west coast, a car parked in a residential complex was completely swallowed in a huge sinkhole on Cama Lane in Ghatkopar West, Mumbai on Sunday morning. While no person was injured in the incident, a crane had to be used to pull the car out of the sinkhole. Also Read – Caught On Camera: Sena MLA Dilip Lande dumps garbage on BMC contractor, forcing him to sit on a sodden street

It turned out that the car was parked in what used to be a fountain. However, residents had covered the area with concrete to make room for the parking lot. Here is a video of the crane pulling out the submerged car: Also Read – IMD Issues Heavy Rain Warning for Maharashtra, Odisha, and several states as the southwest monsoon advances

#WATCH | A crane pulls out a car that has sunk into a hole in the ground in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar # Maharashtra

– ANI (@ANI) June 13, 2021

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“The housing association had covered a well with reinforced concrete cement and residents used the area to park their cars. A team from the local police and traffic police reached the spot and took the car out of the water. The square was cordoned off to protect local residents, ”said a police officer.

The viral video has received more than 500 views since it was first uploaded. The video shows a blue colored car sinking upside down, starting from the hood and front wheels, and then the entire car follows. Within seconds, the vehicle disappeared completely under the water.

Here is the viral video:

Car completely swallowed by sinkholes in a residential complex in Mumbai. It was later discovered that it was a covered well under a parking lot!

– Subodh Srivastava 🇮🇳 (@SuboSrivastava) June 13, 2021

Mumbai has received heavy showers in the past five days. With the onset of the monsoons, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has also forecast heavy to very heavy rainfall in the city for the weekend.

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