The design image by Bronto Skylift for Kraanverhuur Boekestijn’s new S56XR truck mount, which will be delivered later this year. © Bronto Skylift

Kraanverhuur Boekestijn, a crane rental company based in Maasland in the Netherlands, has added its first truck model to its fleet to expand its range of services for customers.

The family business with more than 70 employees and a fleet of more than 40 cranes has chosen an S56XR truck bracket from Bronto Skylift as a new addition.

Mounted on a Scania P360 6 × 2 * 4 chassis, the S56XR has a working height of 56 meters and a maximum reach of 37 meters.

The new machine is scheduled for delivery by the fall of this year and will enable the company to provide additional services to the telecommunications and industrial sectors, where there is a growing need for inspection and maintenance applications as well as transmission tower work.

The model is part of Bronto’s S-XR equipment and is equipped with a 600 kg work basket with built-in sockets. The cage can also be extended up to 3.7 meters to give the workers more room to move and material.

The new truck bracket from Kraanverhuur Boekestijn also has a radio remote control for the boom movements and a hydraulic basket winch with a capacity of 400 kh.

Lianne Boekestijn, Kraanverhuur Boekestijn, said: “It is an ideal working platform to carry out work high, far and deep, safely and efficiently.”

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