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The former commercial director of Mammoet Russia is expanding the online crane rental franchise Mycrane internationally.

The online crane rental platform Mycrane ( is launched internationally, with new markets such as the USA, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.

The service, already operational in Russia, aims to simplify the crane rental process by allowing users to provide details of their lifting needs. They then receive personalized offers from a number of registered crane providers.

The system is designed so that users do not need to contact multiple device vendors. Instead, users fill out an online request form to ensure that they receive comparable offers directly.

The Mycrane platform enables the rental of cranes with a lifting capacity of between six and 750 tons. Crawler, mobile and tower cranes can be requested. The company is also working on adding new types of cranes, including quick-assemble tower cranes, gantry cranes and mini cranes.

Designed to receive competitive crane offers

Mycrane was founded by Andrei Geikalo, an entrepreneur and professional in the heavy lift and project cargo industry, whose résumé includes the Commercial Director at Mammot Russia ( “Mycrane was born out of a desire to change the existing outdated and inconvenient methods of sourcing crane services and make life easier for those in need of lifting services,” he said. “Right now, crane rental is a manual, old-fashioned process that takes far too much time. When introducing the service, we combined the latest digital technology with our many years of industry experience. I have personally been involved in countless heavy lift and lifting projects, so I know only too well how useful our service will be.

“With Mycrane, there are no longer any phone calls or unclear offers to decipher, but simply understandable offers straight to your inbox. And if you need to change your offer, simply change your online request on the Mycrane website and our equipment suppliers will get back to you.

“We believe that Mycrane will set a new standard for the lifting business – crane rental is easier, faster and more transparent.”

Mycrane also plans to offer a number of other tools for the crane industry including: a marketplace promoting used equipment, rigging equipment, spares and accessories; Job postings; a news portal; and supporting services such as engineering and legal advice.

The company operates on a franchise model and welcomes inquiries from industry experts who are interested in operating the service in their home country.

Andrei Geikalo, former commercial director at Mammot Russia, said Mycrane is designed to make life easier for those in need of lifting services