During the assembly of a tower crane in Boppard, south of Koblenz, a large crane overturned on Thursday.

The five-axle 220-tonne crane from crane rental company BBL installed one of its Wolff tower cranes WK 5520 next to a school. It was in the process of moving the rear mast into position when it turned out that a jib moved a little and the crane rolled over . It carried out the elevator without a counterweight and only simple cribs. The operator got away with some scratches and bruises.

Photo courtesy of the Boppard Fire Department

The situation worsened when two cranes tried to recover the ailing machine, starting with a tandem lift with lifting straps through the upper boom beams. One of the slings failed and the crane just dropped, missing two men who had been under the crane at the time. One of them escaped with the narrowest margins.

The following video shows the scene after the first incident, a video of the rescue attempt is circulating in the restricted social media forums, which we cannot disclose for legal reasons.