(LR) Martin and Will Street, second and third generation Street Crane family members

Street Crane Company, a major supplier to advanced manufacturing and technology companies, celebrates 75 years of continuous innovation in crane technology.

Over the past few decades, the company has built a solid reputation for reliable lifting in traditional manufacturing applications, focusing on the advanced manufacturing sector. The intelligent lifting technology, which was originally developed for customers in the automotive, aerospace and military sectors, was used by the company with the latest crane applications for Fanuc Robotics / 4IR and a donut specially developed for the AMRC Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC) in Coventry. Crane led into new industries.

The advanced features that make road cranes attractive to technology-oriented manufacturers include automation and comprehensive condition monitoring. Programmable speed control and load-dependent speeds enable precise movements for precise and safe load positioning. Pendulum protection systems and hoists with load accumulation ensure even more driving stability, protect the load and increase safety.

“Due to COVID restrictions, we are unlikely to be able to celebrate our 75th year as we have celebrated similar milestones in the past. In a difficult year for everyone, however, it is positive news. It is even more positive that the spirit of our founder drives us forward, ”explained managing director Gus Zona.

Street Crane is a family business founded in 1946 when Peter Street founded the company. It is the UK’s largest manufacturer of overhead, gantry and jib cranes and a global provider of advanced hoists and controls to a network of over 100 international independent crane manufacturers. Today the company’s chairman is Martin Street, Peter’s son.

Street Crane’s ZX hoist series is the sixth generation of hoists the company has developed and mass-produced. At the end of 2020, Street launched Eazycrane, the online crane configuration software that brings 75 years of know-how and expertise to dealers around the world. Eazycrane is the result of a ten year investment in automating crane design, drawing, component selection, quotations and order fulfillment, and enables Street and its dealers to operate in a single system.

“Had Peter Street survived, he would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year,” concluded Martin Street. “Another good reason to remember our founder and the generations of colleagues who laid the foundations on which we will build our future ability to meet the advanced lifting needs of technology-driven manufacturing companies.”

Street Crane Company

Dave Tudor

Editor in Chief


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