A crane used to film an upcoming Netflix show fell over and landed in a house near Pasadena on Tuesday evening, March 23rd.

A couple and a child in the house on the 3600 block of San Pascual Street in an unincorporated street were not injured, according to the authorities.

There were gusts of 20 to 30 mph at the time, but it wasn’t yet clear if wind was dropping the crane, said Marvin Lim, a Los Angeles County Fire Department spokesman.

The filming is according to a filming permit for “The woman in the house”. Kristen Bell will play in the limited series program for Netflix, the company says. The plot is about a woman who often drinks wine by the window and may have witnessed a murder.

At 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, firefighters reacted to the house and the three people were evacuated, Lim said.

Sheriffs Lt. Bryan Vienna said he wasn’t sure the house was part of the location.

Wednesday morning the crane stayed on its side on the park lane and the end of the boom rested on the two-story house. Lim estimated the damage to the jib crane at $ 5,000 but has not yet had any damage costs to the house.