Bristol Fire and Local Authorities have issued a serious warning urging people not to bathe in Bristol’s floating harbor after pictures were taken of two men jumping into the water from the steam crane.

Avon Fire and Rescue, the Harbor Master and Bristol City Council have warned people that doing so will risk their own lives and that of others, saying the water is often polluted, cold and dangerous.

The warnings came after an increase in incidents that generally involved rescuing people after entering the water.

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At the same time, at the suggestion of the Cumberland Basin, a campaign by wild swimmers to create a safe “wild bathing area” was launched, although this was answered with formal warnings of criminal prosecution by the harbor master against anyone who repeatedly bathes in the water.

The pictures were taken on Saturday evening at dusk by local photographer Tereza Nekvasilova.

She said two young men climbed onto the deck and then onto the cabin of the steam crane near Wapping Wharf, and one jumped feet first while the second plunged into the water below.

E-Coli levels at nearby Prince Street Bridge were measured last week, June 8th, in the latest Bristol City Council tests to be 800 counts per 100 ml, and the quality of the water combined with the dangers of swimming in cold water, especially when combined with alcohol, has resulted in serious warnings from civil leaders about the dangers of getting in the water.

The floating harbor is also of different depths – and also harbors a number of underwater obstacles.

“Bristol’s work harbor is not a place to swim,” said the city council. “It’s dangerous and it violates local regulations designed to ensure safety.

Two men jump from the steam crane into Bristol’s floating harbor on Saturday evening, June 12, 2021

“The health and safety of all port users is our top priority and we urge people not to endanger themselves or others by swimming in this area.

“As the port authority, the council carries out regular security checks and has ensured that measures such as lifebuoys, improved visibility of quay ladders and the installation of more life chains in certain high-risk areas are in place.

“As with any major port or waterway, we cannot completely eliminate all risks and we urge people not to endanger themselves or others by swimming in this area,” he added.

While Bristol City Council leads the campaign to prevent people from entering the floating harbor, Avon Fire and Rescue will rescue people who get into trouble in the water.

“During warm weather, there are those who put themselves at risk by cooling off in Floating Harbor, but remember – swimming outdoors can be dire,” said a spokesman for the Avon Fire and Rescue Service.

“Drowning can happen quickly, without warning, and it can be devastating,” she added.

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