After a year up and down the Mississippi, a crane ship named after the Quad Cities made its first stop for a christening ceremony.

The heavy-duty crane ship was built in Houston a year ago and connected to the ship in Louisiana.

The equipment is part of the Structures Maintenance Fleet of the Mississippi River Project and is used to maintain locks and dams along the river.

On Thursday, the barque made a stop in the Quad Cities to be baptized by representatives of their area of ​​the same name.

“It’s a fun tradition. It is also considered a godsend that the boat has a christening after its namesake. Symbolically associate it with the namesake, ”said Col. Steven Sattinger, Commander of the US Army Corps of Engineers in the Rock Island District. “It was really special that every mayor or representative came out and did it to me.”

The launch will pass the Quad Cities approximately once or twice a year.

At the moment I’m off to St. Paul, Minnesota for some work.