Accidents with cranes are catastrophic. According to the CFOI (Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries), there were 297 crane deaths between 2011 and 2017. Most fatal crane accidents involve bridge and gantry cranes, which are inherently dangerous due to their size and heavy loads in motion. Despite this risk, most of these accidents can now be completely avoided thanks to modern warning signal technology.

One of the biggest risks in any crane operation is dropping or lowering loads while personnel are in the way. Until now, this risk was managed through communication between the crane operator and the ground crew. However, this was not a foolproof system, and a case of forgetfulness and lack of communication could have tragic consequences.

Given the need to fill this serious crane safety gap, certain LED lighting manufacturers such as Straits Lighting have developed state-of-the-art LED crane safety and warning lights. These lights provide targeted warning and display lighting to indicate the danger area around the load as well as the crane head itself. This ensures that staff on the ground know where the cranes are working and are aware of the risk of overhead loads. Ultimately, it means less liability for companies and greater confidence that workers are getting home to their families safe and sound every day.

Types of LED crane lights

Depending on the crane configuration and size, there are different types and designs of LED crane lights. The most popular are linear and spotlight lights, which illuminate a clear danger area around the crane head and its load. Linear lights produce a narrow linear beam that creates a well-defined line on the floor where cranes work and are the first choice for precision work. Spotlights are a solid choice for lighting taller cranes where the primary goal is to have enough power to effectively illuminate the safety area around the crane head.

These safety lights offer a new innovative solution for safety around bridge and gantry cranes as well as other cranes that carry loads with a hoist. In addition, these lights are designed for industrial environments and made from highly durable, high-quality materials to ensure a long service life. This reliability is the key for employees who depend on lighting as part of their overall work safety measures.

Product availability

Although certain stores generally offer mounted lights such as LED floodlights, there are currently a limited number of stores that actually stock LED safety lights specifically designed for cranes. offers a variety of LED crane lights ranging from 18 watts (1,500 lumens) to 140 watts (11,666 lumens). These lights have the ability to project a highly visible beam of blue or red light to illuminate the hazardous area under the hoist. This beam can be configured as a single line or as a box around the hazard area. The lens of the 140 watt lights can also be removed to use it as a headlight.

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