Central Rent-A-Crane, a heavy equipment rental company, will be relocating its Indianapolis office to the Pleasant View area in the coming months.

Commissioners approved the rezoning of 14.15 acres at 9250 N. Frontage Road on July 6, paving the way for the relocation.

The proposed development includes a 21,600 square meter office and commercial building, a 12,000 square meter covered outdoor storage area, an approximately 7.5 hectare gravel outdoor storage area, a paved parking lot with over 100 spaces, a gas station, scales and, according to the Planning commission materials published on the district’s website.

Central Rent-A-Crane branch manager Kevin Hileman said the company decided to move after seeing significant growth since opening in Indy five years ago.

“[We] decided to plant permanent roots for the company’s future growth, ”he said via email. “We had been looking for the ideal location for almost five years, the southeast corridor seemed the best due to the easy entry and exit to Indianapolis.”

Hileman said one of the most appealing aspects of this location is easy access between states.

“This place is out of the hustle and bustle, but only five minutes away,” he said. “Working with Shelby County has been great throughout the zoning and derogation process.”

“We’ve looked at several locations over the past five years,” he said. “This location is much larger than many of the other land options available, giving us room for expansion for future growth of the ALL family of companies [who owns Central Rent-A-Crane]. “

Central Rent-A-Crane is planning to build a “state of the art” office, shop and equipment warehouse. The main features of the planned facility include a modern-looking office, heated warehouses, high racks for the cranes, an extensive spare parts room, covered storage for taxi cranes and a fleet of trucks, a training room, truck scales and plenty of space for customer storage on demand, said Hileman.

“These 14 acres will give us the space for a 17,500 square foot store with underfloor heating and 50 foot ceilings, covered storage for the taxi fleet of trucks and cranes, all supported by a main office capable of serving the team and support the team by providing ongoing safety training for EVERYONE, ”he said.

Construction work is expected to begin and be completed in 2022. Central Rent-A-Crane plans to hire more employees after construction has started.

“This branch is ideally positioned for the future growth of the ALL family of companies,” said Hileman. “We are at the crossroads of the Midwest.”