A protester on a crane has vowed to carry on after revealing the government’s race report and Covid-19 curbs sparking the action.

The man unfolded a banner from the arm of the crane on Hallsville Road in Canning Town on Wednesday March 31st. The police called at 7:23 a.m.

Through an intermediary, he told the recorder that the publication of Racism Report No. 10 led him to believe that now was the time to remind people not to “accept injustices”.

He also reported that he suffered an injustice “many years ago”. Previous reports suggested that he may be acting for Black Lives Matter, but he has said he is acting alone.

The controversial report by the Commission on Racial and Ethnic Differences sparked a backlash after its release on Wednesday.

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The study has been criticized for concluding that Britain no longer has a system against people from ethnic minorities.

Commission chairman Tony Sewell said that creating a successful multiethnic society is difficult and that wherever such a society is forged, racial differences exist.

He added that the Commission believed that the UK would be a beacon for the rest of the world in implementing its recommendations.

In a statement released through an intermediary that was shared on social media, the protester also stated, “We must resist resetting”.

The phrase was used as a rally by opponents of curbs introduced during the pandemic.

“If we keep giving up our freedoms now, we will never get them back,” he says.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Welfare said his priority from the start has been saving lives and regulations have been put in place to protect public health and reduce the transmission of this virus.

When asked how long the action would take, the protester said “as long as it takes to raise awareness”.

He also criticized the government’s use of the economy to fuel poverty and divisions between people.

“We have to do what we can to highlight the problems,” he explains.

The protester also apologized to workers on the construction site who may have lost money.

City police said Wednesday their priority was the man’s safety. The work should be stopped at the construction site.